Flying Eagle Street Light Series

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The Feiying street lamp series is a large-scale lighting device suitable for public roads with a width of 5-20 meters. The product can realize light control and induction, and make a personalized plan according to the customer's construction requirements and the actual situation of the road. The current common specifications of products are mostly 60W lamp holders and 100W lamp holders. The recommended installation height of 60W lamp holder is 6 meters, which is suitable for common village roads and rural roads; the recommended installation height of 100W lamp holder is 8-10 meters, which is suitable for large towns or urban roads with a road width of 10-20 meters.
The light source of the product adopts high-brightness high-quality 3030 lamp beads, and cooperates with the self-developed optical lens (each lamp bead is wrapped by a small lens), which guarantees the light transmittance of the lamp beads to the greatest extent, and the radial irradiation range can reach 30 meters, and the horizontal irradiation The range can be up to 20 meters, and it has the advantages of wide irradiation range, concentrated light, and good light transmission. At the same time, the shell is made of die-cast aluminum material and integrally formed to further improve the waterproof and rust-proof performance.

Purpose: 5-14 meters public road
Suggested installation height: Depends on customization
Control method: remote control, light sensor, brightness adjustment, timing light off
Waterproof performance
Anti-rust performance
Lamps and solar panels in one
High-brightness high-quality 3030LED lamp beads
Independent patented optical lens cup-to maximize the light transmittance of the lamp beads

Wide irradiation range, concentrated light, good light transmittance,
Personalized customization plan


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