Solar inverter integrated machine 3000W

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MPPT inverter with inside battery
Model Power Solar panel (1640*992*40mm) Inside Battery Inverter Weight/ Package Inverter Size/ Package
HZM-LFP500  500W 36V 300W LiFePO4 25.6V 50Ah 19kg/24kg 360*275*340mm
HZM-LFP1000  1000W 36V 300W * 2 (1S2P) LiFePO4 25.6V 100Ah 31kg/37kg 490*230*385mm
HZM-LFP3000  3000W 36V 360W * 4 (2S2P) LiFePO4 25.6V 200Ah 70KG/83KG 530*550*570mm

1Solar inverter integrated machine, can realize DC voltage to 220V or 110V voltage, power frequency pure sinusoid wave frequency transformer, the body adopts integrated design, greatly save the trouble of installation. It is suitable for areas with insufficient power and lack of infrastructure development.

The machine adopts two kinds of power supply modes, which are mains power priority and battery power supply, to ensure off-grid and grid-connected operation. Based on the grid-connected state, the preferred use of mains power supply mode; In case of sudden power outage, the inverter will automatically switch to the battery powered mode. The switching process is seamless, to ensure that the electrical appliances carried by the machine will not cause power failure and restart, to the greatest extent to ensure the safety of customers.

Built-in power supply battery is lithium iron phosphate battery, stable performance, service life up to 10 years, stable discharge effect, not easy to overcharge or over discharge, with a large current protection plate to achieve the protection of the battery and the machine. The solar panels used are highly efficient original monocrystalline silicon solar panels. The charging efficiency is much higher than the average level in the market, and it can be used in coordination with the municipal power charging. In the process of charging, it can be used at any time to ensure the stability of voltage and current.


Different from the traditional inverter, this product abandon the mainstream of the market sheet transformer, adhere to the use of pure copper ring transformer, to achieve constant voltage stability and durability. When the system is shut down due to extreme conditions such as over charge and over discharge or load overload, it can be activated and continued to use directly without power connection and restart. The most important thing is that the marked power of the machine is the actual full power, and there is no false marking.

The research and development of this product has broken through the inherent model of similar products. Traditional inverters are designed independently of the battery and the inverter system, which leads to the disadvantage of constant installation. And the colloid battery or lead-acid battery used has unstable performance, unstable discharge characteristics, low efficiency, and needs to be replaced in an average of one and a half years. At the same time, if the inverter system is overcharged or overloaded, it is easy to lead to the system shutdown, and the need to re-energize and other troubles. The integrated solar inverter developed by HZM has broken through these difficulties and provided customers with stable, durable, safe and assured inverter products!


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